Wong Pei Shan

Dynamics Therapy Group

Wong Pei Shan

Senior Occupational Therapist


BSc(Hons) in Occupational Therapy Singapore

Professional Membership

Member of The Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC)



English, Mandarin,

Pei Shan is a graduate of the inaugural cohort from the Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy program at the Singapore Institute of Technology. Subsequently, she achieved full registration with Singapore's Allied Health Professions Council. Following her graduation, Pei Shan entered the public health sector, collaborating closely with a multi-disciplinary team to deliver personalized therapy sessions to geriatric patients, aiming to enhance their recovery. In addition to her therapeutic role, she conducted training sessions for caregivers, equipping them with the skills to manage patients' conditions and care effectively.

Pei Shan takes pride in her capacity for continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning. Before embarking on her journey as an Occupational Therapist, she served as a special education teacher within a voluntary welfare organization. In this role, she provided support to children with diverse learning needs, including autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, speech and language delay, and global developmental delay. Pei Shan brings valuable experience in utilizing activity-based strategies to enhance children's literacy skills, promote social and functional abilities, and effectively address behavioural challenges.

Driven by a longstanding passion for working with children, Pei Shan is dedicated to extending her support to them as an Occupational Therapist. She values open communication and actively seeks to collaborate with parents in their children's learning journey. Pei Shan is committed to engaging parents, involving them in the process, and empowering them with personalized care plans tailored to each family's unique needs.

As an Occupational Therapist with experience in feeding therapy, Pei Shan found immense reward in witnessing the transformative impact of therapy on independent eating skills and overall quality of life. Focusing on enhancing sitting posture, Pei Shan supports individuals to develop improved sitting tolerance for more comfortable mealtimes. In addition, Pei Shan is experienced in supporting children and adults with motor coordination challenges to learn independent self-feeding skills. 

Pei Shan adapts various evidence-based therapy recommendations for adapted feeding utensils, incorporating body awareness exercises, exercises to master spoon grasp for self-feeding and strengthening for bilateral hand coordination. Pei Shan believes in the importance of collaborating with Speech Therapists to ensure a comprehensive approach that addresses both the physical and communicative aspects of feeding therapy.

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